Fourth Milestone

The fourth milestone was a massive chunk. And it's done. Our programmer improved a lot of our engine tools so we can work faster. Now we have a tool to build little cutscenes. Additionally we can now move the screen without manipulating the camera manually. We also recorded many voice actors.

Third Milestone

Due to Gamescom and holidays we are a bit late, but here it is: the third milestone. In the last month we improved some basics for the puzzle design and included the first tutorial system. We are now able to switch between screens ingame and have a new tool for designing riddles without touching the code. A big one was our ingame debugger which allows us to test everything without having a complete game.

Second Milestone

We've reached our second milestone! The inventory works, the ingame-sounds are done, we now have our own mouse-cursor and added a lot of improvements to existing features. Additionally we can now interact with scenes and work with items. The riddles got a little review to include the whole family of the Edisons.

First Milestone

Today we have reached a milestone! All graphics needed for "Return of the Tentacle" are finished! Additionally, the Coin-Interface works without a flaw and you can walk on all screens. We wrote a tool for localization, finished the pathfinding for our characters in the first version and adjusted the walking movements to the character of the game. We've taken a huge step forward. Six milestones are remaining. And they won't take too long to reach. And from now on, we want to keep you up-to-date about our progress on a more regular base. We are making progress. Really now. Honestly!

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