<3 THANK YOU! <3

Your countless comments, messages, reactions, let's plays and bug reports made us very happy! So we, the developers, want to say THANK YOU! In the picture you can see our small team (left to right): Marco, David, Stefanie, Marvin and Nathanael (not in the picture).

Original Soundtrack

One day to go! In order to help pass the time, we're giving you the official "Return of the Tentacle" soundtrack by David Schornsheim. We are very proud of his music and the variations of the themes of the original. You can download the album in FLAC, OGG and MP3 formats here. A printable CD-cover is included.

12 Languages

We are very happy to announce that we will support 12 languages in our release version :D More than 65 people in all translation teams worked very hard and more languages are still in the making. A big THANK YOU to all our helpers and fans out there! You are awesome!

Besides English and German (both with voice output) you will be able to play with subtitles in:
- French
- Italian
- Spanish (European)
- Spanish (Latin America)
- Dutch
- Swedish
- Finnish
- Chinese
- Romanian


Follow us on Itch.io! The prologue of "Return of the Tentacle" will be available as a free download on Itch.io in 3 weeks. Do you like the page so far? The game will be online soon! Image removed.

Milestone No. 6

Milestone Number 6 is here! We've finally completed the English and the German voice acting. We've also taken a lot of feedback from our beta testers into consideration. (Man, did they screw up stuff... nah, just kidding, you guys. You were awesome!)
We also have a new programmer in our midst who helps us in our struggle with bugs and other issues. Do you want to help out, too? Drop us a message and bring your C# programmer buddies! ;-) That should speed things up.